NAME:                                    Pablo Robinson Rivera Argoti

DATE OF BIRTH:                   31  October 1959

PLACE OF BIRTH:                 Cayambe

NATIONALITY:                     Ecuadorian


PLACE OF WORK:                National Polytechnic School

                                               Electrical Engineering Faculty

                                               Electronics and Control Department


ADDRESS:                              Postcode: 17-16-342       Email:


                                                               South America

TELEPHONE:             5932 507134 ( office)

                                               5932 406349 (home), cellular  5932 09194719

MOTHER TONGUE               Spanish

SECOND TONGUE               English




Higher Education                      National Polytechnic School, Ecuador 1978-1984

                                               Engineer in Electronics and Control.

Postgraduate Education            Bradford University, England 1992-1993

                                               Master of Science in Power Electronics.




-          Conservation of the Energy in the Industry  by National Institute of Energy and the Commission of European Communities, Quito-Ecuador , 1990.

-          English Language Unit for Overseas Students. Harrogate Institute, England, 1992.

-          English Course, Leeds University, England, 1992.

-          Intelligent System for Electrical Engineering, Cartagena, Colombia, Nov. 1996.

-          Supervisory Control and Data Adquisition with Lookout, National  Instruments,  Austin-Texas, June 1997.

-          Control Systems, Hitachi Automotive, USA, April 1998.

-          Variable Frequency Drives, Jaragua, Brasil 1999.




-          Principal Professor in the field of  Control of Electrical Drives,         Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics. National Polytechnic School. 1993-2001

-          Director of the Power Electronics Area in the Electrical Engineering   Faculty of National Polytechnic School. 1994 - 1999.

-          Project Manager of  a project sponsored by the Interamerican Bank of Development. “ Design and construction of Variable frequency Drives” 1998- 2001. National Polytechnic School.

-          Technical Director of Dareus. Maintenance of some industries in Ecuador in the field of Electrical  and Power Electronics Engineering.




-   Study of the Excitation Systems and Voltage Regulators, National Polytechnic School,        Quito- Ecuador 1990.

-   Analysis, Simulation and Design of a PWM AC- DC boost Converter, Bradford University, England 1993.

-   Active Power Factor Correction, National Polytechnic School, Quito-Ecuador 1994.

-    Inverter - motor drives, design and construction. National Polytechnic School, Quito Ecuador 2001.




-   AC/DC Converter with Active Power Factor Correction, Annual Meeting of Electrical and Electronics Technologies. University of Oruro - Bolivia . South - America 1995.

-   Analysis, Simulation and Design of a PWM AC/DC boost Converter. Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. National Polytechnic School, Quito Ecuador. South America 1994.




Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) U.S.A.